BW Power Tool Battery 9000 9001 for Makita 4000 DA390D

BW Power Tool Battery 9000 9001 for Makita 4000 DA390D
Capacity: 2000 mAh\nVoltage: 9.6V\nCells technology: Ni-MH\nWarranty: 12 months\nCells manufacturer: BW\nCondition: Brand new\nType: Ni-MH\nOverdischarge protection: Yes\nOvercharge protection: Yes\nThe possibility of return: Up to 30 days\nProduct code: PT38\nManufacturer: BW \nCompatibility list: \nCompatible with following battery models : 191681-2,192533-0,193889-4,632007-4,9000,9001,9002,9033,9034,9600 \nCompatible with following devices : Makita 4000,Makita 4093D,Makita 4093DW,Makita 4190D,Makita 4190DB,Makita 4190DW,Makita 4190DWD,Makita 4300D,Makita 4300DW,Makita 4390D,Makita 4390DW,Makita 5090D,Makita 5090DW,Makita 6000,Makita 6012HD,Makita 6012HDL,Makita 6012HDW,Makita 6092D,Makita 6092DW,Makita 6093D,Makita 6093DW,Makita 6094D,Makita 6094DW,Makita 6095D,Makita 6095DQ,Makita 6095DQ*,Makita 6095DW,Makita 6095DWBE,Makita 6095DWDE,Makita 6095DWE,Makita 6095DWL,Makita 6096D,Makita 6096DW,Makita 6096DWBE,Makita 6096DWE,Makita 6096DWLE,Makita 6891D,Makita 6891DW,Makita 6900D,Makita 6900DW,Makita 8400,Makita 8400D,Makita 8400DW,Makita 8400VD,Makita 8400VDW,Makita 8402DW,Makita 8402VD,Makita 8402VDW,Makita 903D,Makita 903DW,Makita DA390D,Makita DA390DW,Makita DA391D,Makita DA391DRA,Makita DA391DW,Makita DA391DWB,Makita DA391DWD,Makita ML900 Flash,Makita ML902 Flashlight,Makita T220D,Makita T220DW,Makita UM1690D,Makita UM1691D

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  • Κατασκευαστής: BW
  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: PT38
  • Διαθεσιμότητα: 50
  • 30,00€