BW Power Tool Battery for Bosch O-Pack GSR 9.6VE2 PSR 9.6VE-2

BW Power Tool Battery for Bosch O-Pack GSR 9.6VE2 PSR 9.6VE-2
Capacity: 3000 mAh\nVoltage: 9.6V\nCells technology: Ni-MH\nWarranty: 12 months\nCells manufacturer: BW\nCondition: Brand new\nType: Ni-MH\nOverdischarge protection: Yes\nOvercharge protection: Yes\nThe possibility of return: Up to 30 days\nProduct code: PT11\nManufacturer: BW\nSize: 80x110x80mm\nWeight: 510g \nCompatibility list: \nCompatible with following battery models : BPT1041,2607335414,BAT049,6-2,6-12V,2607001380,2607335149,2607335260,2607335271,2607335272,2607335373,2607335453,2607335461,2607335469,2607335524,2607335529,2607335539,2607335540,2607335651,2607335659,2607335665,2607335674,2607335681,2607335682,2607335707,2607335877,2607335883,BAT0408,BAT048,BAT100,BAT119,BH984 \nCompatible with following devices : Bosch SDI 96,2 607 335,Bosch 23609,Bosch 3105,Bosch 32609,Bosch 3305,Bosch ANGLE EXACT,Bosch BT ANGLE EXACT 15,Bosch BT ANGLE EXACT 2,Bosch BT ANGLE EXACT 3,Bosch BT ANGLE EXACT 6,Bosch BT ANGLE EXACT 7,Bosch BT ANGLE EXACT 8,Bosch BT EXACT 1100,Bosch BT EXACT 2,Bosch BT EXACT 4,Bosch BT EXACT 6,Bosch BT EXACT 7,Bosch BT EXACT 9,Bosch BT,Bosch EXACT 1100,Bosch EXACT 1104,Bosch EXACT 1106,Bosch EXACT 12,Bosch EXACT 2,Bosch EXACT 212,Bosch EXACT 4,Bosch EXACT 402,Bosch EXACT 412,Bosch EXACT 459,Bosch EXACT 6,Bosch EXACT 60,Bosch EXACT 608,Bosch EXACT 610,Bosch EXACT 7,Bosch EXACT 9,Bosch EXACT 908,Bosch GDR 9,6 V,Bosch GLI 9,Bosch GSR 9,6 VE,6 VPE,Bosch IASR 9,Bosch PAG 9.6V,Bosch PLI 9,Bosch PSR 9,Bosch PSR 960,2 607 001

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  • Κατασκευαστής: BW
  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: PT11
  • Διαθεσιμότητα: 50
  • 40,00€